Lora Ben
Garden Grove, CA
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Lora Ben
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I love Nature's Sunshine Products because they don't only promise, they deliver. I have suffered of High Blood Pressure since 2002, when I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. In 2013 I suffered two strokes, due to the extreme HBP, the numbers when I was admitted into the ER were 300/164. I had no symptoms until I suddenly lost part of my vision and began shaking uncontrollably. I was giving medications to lower the BP, but due to side effect they could only give me low doses, which had no power to lower my BP. the second day in ICU the doctors were at loss, and they told me that if they could not lower my blood pressure, I could die anytime. They were preparing me for the worse. I have always been know for being a person who has strong determination, and I determined that I was going to beat this. The only medications I could take where homeopathic medicines, which I had in my purse to use on emergency. I decided to take my chance and took the medicine I had with me, and prayed for my life. I was not ready to leave yet, and leave my son alone in this world. I know we all have to go one day, but I felt I was not done yet. The next day I surprised the doctors, when my blood pressure had gone down to 190/90, and the following day it was 165/85. The BP seems to have stabilized and I was released the next day, since the bleeding in my brain had stopped, they felt that there was not much more they could do for me, other than prescribe Lisinopril for BP and a baby Aspirin to thin my blood. Very low dose of Lisinopril, because I had two side effects from it, one was an extreme burning feeling in my esophagus, and the other was a very annoying phlegm that made me cough all the time to clear my voice, and it made the burning in my chest worse. When I came home I began to avoid salt (I never used much), checked my blood sugar every day, and ate very health. But regardless of all that, I just could not bring my BP lower. And it would jolt to 200/100 if I did not eat in the morning. I began to notice that it had to do with my low blood sugar, and also with my bowl movements. If I did not have regular bowl movements, my BP would rise, and I did not eat often enough it would rise higher. So I decided to give a try to Clean Start, to cleanse my colon. I have to say that during the 14 days program of clean start, I lost nearly 10 lbs without effort, and I felt lighter, even though I am still overweight. I began noticing that my BP was lowering, and I am happy to say that now I can enjoy a really great BP that ranges between 115/65 to 135/70. I resumed eating lightly salted food, and eat more vegetables, and healthy grains, and fruits.. I have decide that I want to take care of my weight and will soon begin my In-Form program, and although, I will be 69 soon, I am determined to become and In-Form Coach so that I can help other people achieve their weight goals and improve their health, and possibly become partners in the Nature's Sunshine Business. I will update my progresses from time to time. But for now, I really enjoy checking my BP every day knowing that It is normal again. Never Give Up!

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